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Little Blue Bird Photography is a photographer who offers artistic wedding and elopement photography for nontraditional couples in the Detroit area.

this is us.
this is us.

This is us.

Hi! We are Gabe and Kendra - husband and wife (and mom and dad) wedding photography team.

We have the awesome privilege of working together and share a passion for creating beautiful things! We love working together and meeting other couples - warning - we will probably slow dance to a song or two at your wedding. I'm not joking. If "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran comes on, we are there. We love to laugh and both enjoy a strong dose of sarcasm and a good gin and tonic.

While working, our goal is to tell the story of your love documentary style with unique evocative photos. Once the wedding is over, your dress is hanging in the closet, and your flowers have wilted, and you can't remember the flavor of the cake - but your photos will live on. Your friends, your children, and your grandchildren will look at them for years to come. This is why it is so important to choose a capable photographer whose style you love - someone who makes you feel comfortable. 


(This is where we come in.) 

Now. Before I continue, let me say that our style is not for everyone. And that's okay! It you are looking for traditional wedding and engagement photos, we may not be the best fit. What we want most of all is for you to love your photos. Seriously. Really. We want to give you that luxury experience as we create truly beautiful photos from your amazing wedding day. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are looking for unique, artistic wedding photos, you're in the right place. If you are about emotion and really want your photos to be about capturing that real, raw, honest, intimate connection between the two of you, we will get along just fine. 

Ahem. So - now that we've gotten that out of the way, if you're still reading, let us introduce ourselves as photographers.


We are flexible, easy-going, and are up for anything! Our photography is intimate, personal, very detail-oriented and creative. We like to use natural light to create beautiful, dramatic images. Think of our style as a mix of candid natural moments and awesome Vanity Fair style portraits.

We will do EVERYTHING we can to help guide you through your wedding day. Seriously. I have curled a bride's hair, bustled dresses, fixed flowers, fetched rings, wrangled family, communicated with vendors, planned timelines, transported things from hotel to venue, and I am an expert at pinning boutonnieres. 

If you are interested in our services, we'd love to chat! We often invite couples into our home to have a chill consultation over a nice glass of wine. Hop on over to our contact form or simply send us a direct email and tell us all about your wedding plans!


We live in Devil's Lake, Michigan, work primarily in the Detroit area and would love to travel to you!



​We love to tell a story. Our photographs capture it all documentary style in unique, evocative images that are intimate and raw.




This is Gabe and our son, Jude (who is five), our daughter, Olive (who is three) and our daughter Madeline (seven). Gabe was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan. He loves the outdoors, creating things out of wood, building, fixing things, being outside in the cold, wandering through the woods, and coffee.  He is a construction worker who loves to be outdoors and loves to build things - basically, he creates in all of the ways that I can't. He is a super fast learner and has recently become a fabulous photographer (he totally impresses me).

Gabe's latest project is BUILDING OUR HOUSE! You can follow that journey over here.

Photos by the amazing Sarah Ormiston Photography




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This is me and our kids. I was born in California and lived there for four years until I moved to Michigan with my family. I visited California often as a kid and miss it greatly. I enjoy art of any kind, the outdoors in bare feet, hiking, camping, skiing, backpacking in the Grand Canyon, guitar, singing, and birds. I have always been crafty and had a passion for all things art. I am observant and love imagining, creating, crafting, and capturing little details. That is what it is all about for me - the tiny things that no one else will see.

And now? I am living a dream life. I am married to the love of my life who I met in third grade. We have two beautiful children, and I am wildly happy. Oh yeah, and I really really like birds. For the long version, go here.

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A story of Love:


Above all, I am thankful to God for giving me the ability to create beautiful things, whether it is in writing, drawing, crafting, or photographing - I know that it is only because of the gifts that He has given me that I am able to do these things. I am constantly amazed at His provision for me and for my family and how He has seen us through good and bad times. The most amazing of these instances is the story of my husband and I.


We met in third grade at Jackson Christian School, where I attended for one year, and one year only, in 1998 but that one year was enough for my husband. I had no idea, but he had the biggest crush on me, even then (even though I was much, much taller than him at the time). :) Years passed, and I went from being homeschooled to public school while he stayed at Jackson Christian. We dated other people and lived our separate lives. We saw each other a few times over the years through various church functions (although never attending the same church). His drama club made an appearance at my church. I went with a friend to his church camp, but I never knew that I was always in the back of his mind. At the age of 19, I found myself in a dark place, alone, dating guys who cared very little for me, used, abused, and totally broken due to my own foolish decisions. I had been running from God. One night, I prayed and told God that I was done running. I was done chasing after guys who would never be who I needed them to be. I asked Him to send me the boy I would marry. The next morning, in August 2009, I woke up to a Facebook friend request from Gabe after not seeing eachother for years. I knew he was the one I would marry - and I was so excited (He's so cute!). Of course, I didn't get the hint right away. We went on a few dates, but the timing wasn't right. I had so much baggage, things I wasn't over yet, and so I told him we couldn't see each other, and I sunk lower. In January of 2010, I was so down, I didn't know how I could go on. One morning, in particular, I couldn't get out of bed, I had no hope, no will, nothing, until suddenly I had the energy, and I got out of bed and made in through the day. Later, I discovered a message from Gabe saying that I was on his mind, and he had prayed for me that morning. I was amazed and told him how much it meant to me. A few months later, I had a dream about him; crazy, but I dreamt that we fell in love. I texted him the next day and said that I had had a dream about him (I was vague on the details) and thought I would say "hello." He responded by asking me on a date. I went on this date knowing that the timing was right. I was honest about everything I had done, and he accepted me for who I was. (He says he knew that I was the one on our date when "Don't Stop Believing" came on the radio at the ice cream parlour, and I said I loved that song). After a few dates, he told me that on the night before I texted him to tell him about my dream, he had said a prayer that God would send him the girl he was supposed to marry. I was so amazed and told him I had done the same a year before, the night before he found me on Facebook. We just looked at each other and knew. We were engaged in a couple weeks and married only four months later. We have two beautiful children now and are so happy together. I am thankful to God every day for him and for our wonderful story - I wouldn't have it any other way.


I love to hear about how people have been brought together. I love love stories. I suppose this is one of the reasons that I love weddings so much. :) So what's your story?