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Daring Session Marathon day is right around the corner! So let's go over some frequently asked questions (and their answers) that ladies often having leading up to the big day.

1. What to wear. I suggest limiting it to two outfits. That works nicely with time. What those two outfits are is completely up to you! I have seen ladies wear gorgeous, sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret with stockings and stilettos. I have also seen some wear simply an oversized t-shirt and leg warmers or one of his button up shirts or simply a bra and panties. My favorite for lingerie, bodysuits, and bra/underwear is black. Black photographs well and adds beautiful contrast to the photos. Also love a jean jacket with some panties! I suggest a lighter color (but neutral) for an oversized t-shirt. Try to avoid super bright neon colors (bright green, yellow, orange, etc.) - dark red, however, is always a great idea for boudoir!

2. How should I prep before the session? Arrive with your hair done, ready to have your makeup done! If you are coming to a marathon day, I have hired a professional makeup artist - so you only have to worry about your hair before the session. For hair style, I suggest to embrace the messy, wavy bed head look. Wear something comfortable for while you get your makeup done + have a mimosa with us! Once your makeup is done, you can change into your first outfit. I suggest choosing whichever you are more comfortable in. I promise the session will be fun and relaxed, but you will feel even better starting with whatever is most comfortable.

3. How long until I get my photos? Usually, I will deliver your images via online gallery within two weeks. I will always contact you if it will be longer. For the Christmas Daring Sessions, I will get them done as quickly as humanly possible to ensure that you are able to get prints before Christmas. :)

4. Where should I print the photos? You may purchase prints and books through your gallery (books will be custom designed by me!) or you can download the images to print yourself. If you go this route, I highly suggest either or Both have great products! The prints purchased through me, however, will come from a profession lab only accessible by professionals, which will ensure better print quality and color accuracy.

5. How sexy are we talking? It is completely up to you! If you want to go more risqué and even nude, I am totally fine with that and will still produce beautiful photos that remain tasteful and artistic. If you would rather keep things a little more tame, that is fine too! In general, my photos are more suggestive than explicit, very soft and pretty. Message me if you want to see a gallery for examples.

6. Will you use my images for marketing? Not without asking you first! You images remain private and will be in a private gallery, accessible only by you. If I want to use your images for marketing and promotions, I will always ask for permission first and make sure I have your 100% go ahead!

7. I'm not dating anyone - is it weird to get a Daring Session done? Not at all! Like I always say when talking about the sessions, these sessions are about YOU! They are about knowing how powerful and beautiful your body is and owning that!

8. How do I pay for my session? If you want to officially book a Daring Session, email me or message me, and I will send over an invoice that will also act as your contract and print release. Payment in full is required to reserve your spot.

9. Do you have outfits available? Yes!!! I have a client wardrobe available for use. Let me know which outfit you would like to use prior to your session to ensure that each outfit only gets used once per day. Message me to see available outfits.

10. What do past clients have to say about Daring Sessions? Glad you asked! Here is some feedback from past sessions:

"Oh. My. Gosh!!! Can I just pay you to photograph me all the time? I normally don't like pictures of myself and I was a little scared going into this project because I couldn't hide behind clothes or other people, but looking at these photos I feel like you captured me how my husband sees me, like you just got all the good parts. You are the best. Thank you so much!!"

"I decided to do a daring session with Kendra as a wedding gift. It was a little nerve racking having to be that exposed but she made me feel safe and her constant compliments during the session helped keep my confidence up. I had tears in my eyes when I looked at the photos. It felt like she captured me how my husband sees me, she made me look beautiful but more importantly I looked like me."

"I am completely speechless. THESE ARE AMAZING!!! You did such an awesome job, Kendra! I cannot stop looking at them! Thank you thank you thank you. I also so appreciate you getting them done so quickly. Really, I feel like I could babble on, it's embarrassing. I'm in love thank you so much!"

"Kendra, these are so awesome!!! I'm not going to lie, I was worried (about how I would look, like fat and stuff, not about how you would take the photos!!) and these came out so great! I am so happy. Thank you Kendra."

Want to book your Daring Session? Email me at and we will get your spot reserved!

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