Enter your ceremony on a plane? Why yes. Yes, you should.

It is no secret that Kristin and Chris are a one of a kind couple. Just take a look at their wedding. I seriously cannot stress enough how awesome it is when a couple makes their wedding all about them and creates this amazing thing that fits with them as a couple, their personalities, hobbies, passions.

When Kristin and Chris first contacted me, I truly thought I was being pranked. When a couple tells you that the bride plans to WATER-SKI in to the ceremony, you start to question reality just a little. While the plan changed a little (plane entrance instead because why not?), this couple's desire for something truly memorable and fun remained the same.

Kristin and Chris got married at the Devil's Lake Yacht Club in Michigan. We met in town for their first look, and this right here is why I urge couples to do a first look - could Chris' reaction be any more priceless?

We cruised around a bit for portraits - and the variety in their photos makes this wedding a favorite of mine.

Next, it was time to board the plane! Backstory - about a week before the wedding, Kristin and Chris were out on the lake when they saw a sea plane docked. They naturally went to knock on the door and explained to the man who owned the plane that they were getting married on the lake the following week and would he fly them in for the ceremony. He said yes! We arrived at his house, and the bride and groom wanted to start a rumor a few miles away at the yacht club that they may be arriving by plane. No one but the bride's parents and the couple knew that this is how they would be arriving! Before taking off, I snapped a photo on Chris' phone, and they sent it off to a few guests (whoever would spread the word best haha) with the message that they would be arriving soon.

At the Yacht Club, there was a bit of a welcome committee, and then on to the ceremony with the most adorable backdrop boat - made by a family member of the bride.

If you think the excitement stops here, you would be wrong. For their first dance, the couple stopped halfway through to switch songs, put on sunglasses and break out into a choreographed flash mob dance!

And a lake wedding would be complete without a kiss at sunset over the water.

What about you? How will you personalize and make your wedding exciting!?

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