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Okay, you asked for it. This is a place for me to talk about my love of birds and you can't tell me not to. Birds are awesome. Most of my friends are terrified of them. They still love me, but they don't find Dash flying in from the next room to steel their food quite as charming as I do. But let me show you the birds!!!


This is Thor, our Blue and Gold Macaw. He is both majestic and a complete doofus and still a baby (really) at 18 months old. He answers the phone along with me, saying hi to me every morning, and I would die if anything happened to him. 


This is Dash, our Indian Ringneck. He is full of attitude and weirdly obsessed with feet. He talks up a storm, gives kisses, steels food, and talks in the cutest high pitched voice you've ever heard. 


Okay, Roxy isn't actually mine, BUT I love her. She is an 18 year old B&G macaw who was given up to a little place that I volunteer at called Imagine Planet. They are a nonprofit in Jackson full of animals who needed homes, a large portion of them birds. Roxy and I made a connection the moment I walked into Imagine Planet, and I am one of the few people she will allow to touch her. (She bit Gabe and drew blood). She lives there with a few other birds who I absolutely love and visit weekly with the kids. My kids love to see all of the animals and pet the birds and play. 

Sir Lancelot Arthur Dovington
(Sir Dovington)

This is our Ringneck Dove, Sir Dovington. He is literally the sweetest, most innocent creature on the planet. I will fight you on this. He was found injured in the wild 6 years ago and taken in by a fellow animal lover. They recently decided to rehome him so he could be more socialized, which is how he came to be with us. He greets us each morning with laughs and coos. (He laughs like a creepy clown.)

the budgies

We only have two left now (Mr. Peppy and Squawker Texas Ranger) due to traumatic events, but they were all loved and cute and nice.