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this is us.

Photo by the amazing Sarah Ormiston Photography




This is us.

Hi! We are Gabe and Kendra - husband and wife (and mom and dad) wedding photography team.

We have the awesome privilege of working together and share a passion for creating beautiful things! We love working together and meeting other couples - warning - we will probably slow dance to a song or two at your wedding. I'm not joking. If "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran comes on, we are there. But also I am there for the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble. We love to laugh and both enjoy a strong dose of sarcasm and a good gin and tonic.

While working, our goal is to tell the story of your love documentary style with unique evocative photos. Once the wedding is over, your dress is hanging in the closet, and your flowers have wilted, and you can't remember the flavor of the cake - but your photos will live on. Your friends, your children, and your grandchildren will look at them for years to come. This is why it is so important to choose a capable photographer whose style you love - someone who makes you feel comfortable. 


(This is where we come in.) 

So - us as photographers -


We are super chill. For real. My main goal to help the bride and groom be just as chill as us during potentially the most stressful high pressure day ever. Our photography is intimate, personal, very detail-oriented, creative and obviously dramatic. We like to use natural light to create cool photos that give Vogue a run for its money (I mean not really, but we can dream). Think of our style as a mix of candid natural moments and awesome Vanity Fair style portraits. Oh and a side note - our portfolio is full of regular awkward people with no modeling experience. We turn regular people into models - no really. No experience needed. ;)

We will do EVERYTHING we can to help guide you through your wedding day. Seriously. I have curled a bride's hair, bustled dresses, fixed flowers, fetched rings, wrangled family, communicated with vendors, planned timelines, transported things from hotel to venue, and I am an expert at pinning boutonnieres. 

If you are interested in our photography services, we'd love to chat! We often invite couples into our home to have a chill consultation over a nice glass of wine. Hop on over to our contact form or simply send us a direct email and tell us all about your wedding plans!


We live in Jackson, Michigan, work primarily in the Detroit area and would love to travel to you!



​We love to tell a story. Our photographs capture it all documentary style in unique, evocative images that are intimate and raw. Blah blah blah. Now let's actually talk about who we are.




On social media, I am fairly dramatic. I like my art that way. I think that way. I am passionate and love to express emotion and all that through colors and photos and stuff. But really, I am the biggest dork ever and am kinda weird. I absolutely love birds. Don't get me started (but really please do). I care a lot about animals, but more about the non regular ones. I cried when I found out that bees know their keepers and recognize them. I also love plants. Again, don't get me started. The random plant names and expressions of my love for heirloom roses and poppies is never ending. I am awkward af and laugh at myself daily - because how else is one supposed to cope with real life? And if you befriend me on FB, prepare for an abundance of memes, like more than you could possibly be prepared for. 

That brings me to this person - she is who you get on wedding days. I know, lucky you. That girl ^ is on week two of the worst cold ever but still living to get the cool under the veil photo, and SOMEHOW her husband managed to get THIS photo. The truth is that I make the most ridiculous faces. Ask any of my friends about my inability to control my face. I actually have a whole gallery of fabulous behind the scenes photos of me taken graciously by my second shooters (usually Gabe), and I look forward to finding these photos in every wedding as I am editing. You know you want to see that, so go ahead: candid Kendra working. It's okay to laugh. 

My future goals and aspirations: 

Have a flower farm. Have a bird rescue. Help women who are in bad relationships by creating a nonprofit women's home for those in need of help, especially pregnant women without support. 

Gabe is my husband and normally my second shooter. He is the best. He makes me laugh, goes along with my love for birds while he himself is a dog person. He is a carpenter with great skill, and I love to watch him work (whether with a camera or power tools). He and I share the same sarcastic, self-depreciating humor, love of a good drink, and LOVE to be outside. He makes dad jokes. I roll my eyes. He loves bacon and beer. I like salads and gin. He likes trucks. I like Mini Coopers. He thinks we should get matching American flag tattoos. I think we should get more birds. Currently, we are renovating an old Victorian house with plans to later build our own home on our property in Manitou Beach. If you have been following us long, you know about the ups and downs there, but feel free to follow along through my Instagram stories.

Gabe would kill me for putting this photo on here, but he looks adorable with a bird on each shoulder and probably doesn't even know how to get to our website. The birds are Thor and Dash, and if you want to see more of them, obviously, I am happy to oblige. They are cute and nice (unless you ask Gabe...he might tell a different story).  But for real, go learn about birdies here

Together, Gabe and I make the perfect pair, and we have been married for almost 10 years! We read each other's minds and faces and love working together. I mean, with three kids, weddings are basically as close as we get to a date night. JK. But kinda not.

Gabe's future goals and aspirations:

Starting his own construction business. Having a custom furniture business. Building a house. Having a small farm with animals.  Restoring an old vehicle.  Buying more birds for his lovely wife.

Like what you see? Head over to the contact form to drop us a line!

Need some more time? Pop on over to the gallery to view more of our work.

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