It's a word that probably not many women are comfortable with. Might make your toes curl a little. Might make you a little anxious. Your thoughts might go immediately to your thighs, your belly, stretch marks, the scale. But that's not what this is about.

This is about being daring. And powerful. And owning it.

These sessions are about celebrating the innate beauty and power in every woman. It is about being daring enough to show that beauty and allowing it to be captured in a photograph. Whether these photos are for him or just for you, I promise you - you won't regret a session like this. The one thing that every woman has said after looking at their images is "You made me feel so beautiful!" 

THAT is what this is about. We are so often our worst critic, and sometimes it is hard to see past all the baggage and see how beautiful we really are. 

That is why I call these "Daring" sessions. Let's move away from the scariness of boudoir and just dare ourselves to let our beauty shine.


My husband has often told me that he wishes I could see myself how he sees me. It never ceased to amaze me - it is the days when I feel gross and down, and I am rocking sweats and a mom bun for the fourth day in a row - that is when he looks at me and says simply "You are so beautiful." After 7 years, I might just believe him. 

Let me share that feeling with you. 

Be bold. Be daring. Be proud to be a woman. Embrace it. Own it. 

And - of course - let me photograph it. ;)

Are you in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and looking for boudoir photography? Let's talk!

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