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Emma & Ryan | Vintage Music Hall Wedding in Hartland (Part 1)

To view part 2 of Emma and Ryan's wedding, click here!

Emma & Ryan's wedding was a blast. Seriously. We had so much fun. And have you ever seen a more stunning bride? Seriously - that lipstick. Love it.

This was a unique wedding in so many ways. Emma and Ryan were married on March 14 on the stage at the Hartland Music Hall. So cool. The drama of photos on a stage just makes me giddy, and all of the lovely little handmade, DIY details were fabulous. Vintage library cards for escort card, quills and ink wells for the guest book - and a broach bouquet to top it all! Emma's grandmother, after telling me how heavy the bouquet was, told me that Emma made the bouquet herself after collecting (gorgeous) vintage broaches from family and local antique shops. Super cool.

Afterward the ceremony, we went down the road a bit to Waldenwoods for a cozy reception under twinkle lights between fireplaces. Our table sat by a grand window looking out onto the frozen lake. Really lovely.

Emma and Ryan really have a unique love story in that their jobs have them living in separate states! So, their wedding day was an extra special time for them to focus on being together and celebrating with their closest friends. For this reason, we didn't do any posed photos after the ceremony - a request that innitially concerned me....but I ended up capturing some of the most beautiful photos ever, and that concern quickly vanished. Plus, these guys are the coolest. For one, Emma did THE WORM! How many brides do you know who did the worm on the dance floor at their reception?

This was also Gabe's debut as my second shooter - and he blew me away! Some of the photos (some of my favorites) below are his beauties. He is definitely a fast learner. 2015 brides - you are in for a treat with my new second shooter!

Thank you so much, Emma and Ryan, for allowing Gabe and I to take part in your super special day! We wish you all the best! :)

To view part 2 of Emma and Ryan's wedding, click here!

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