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Brittany & Dan | Ann Arbor Backyard Wedding

The first time that I met Brittany and Dan, it was for their engagement session earlier this summer. Like the wedding, their engagement session was at their house in Ann Arbor. We laughed through the entire session, which went over my usually hour by about 45 minutes simply because we talked so much and had so much fun. At the end of the session, Brittany brought me a glass of wine and told me to drink up before she requested I take a few photos of her cats dressed as a bride and groom. I knew we would get along well and was so excited for their wedding.

The wedding definitely did not disappoint.

Brittany and Dan have been together for lots of years. To my fault, I can't remember how many - but they met when Brittany was in high school and have moved many times before finally settling in Ann Arbor and getting married.

It rained very very hard in the morning and we thought the ceremony might have to be postponed, but about a half hour before start time, it cleared and dried up, and things were able to go as planned, beautifully as planned.

Gabe and I met Brittany and her mom and girls at a hotel where we were promptly offered mimosas (did I mention she is pretty much my favorite??). And can I say that I love hotel window light???

We met back up at her house where Dan was waiting with guests who had already arrived, and the place was BEAUTIFUL. The amount of work that was put in to their yard was apparent, and everything was perfect. A tent, wildflowers, hay bails with quilts, white fluttering curtains in the trees, antique wooden ladders, and old windows with menus and seating charts written in the glass littered the property.

One thing in particular that I loved was set up at the back of the ceremony aisle - upon entering, guests grabbed a program and then were encouraged to "warm the rings." Brittany and Dan's rings were tied and hanging next to a sign that asked friends and families to hold the rings for a moment before walking to their seat, warming them and blessing them before the bride and groom would put them on each other a short while later.

Throughout the day, it was clear that these two are loved by so many. It was a beautiful day of reunions and rejoicing.

Brittany & Dan, Gabe and I are so happy to have been able to photograph and participate in your beautiful wedding. It was truly a joy and an honor. Going through your photos has been so enjoyable, and we can't wait for you to see them (soon!!!). Your wedding was exactly the kind of wedding we want to photograph in the future.


Gabe & Kendra

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