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Introducing Daring Sessions!

Hey guys!

So big exciting things are happening over here that I can't wait to share with all of you. One of those things is our upcoming Marathon Daring Session! What does that mean? Technically, we're talking about boudoir, but it is more than that. I call these Daring Sessions because it is daring. It's about feeling empowered and beautiful and daring in your own skin.

So what's with the marathon? 30 minute sessions + 30 images + makeup + champagne + a whole lot of fun!

This is an awesome thing to do with friends! Grab a couple girl friends, and sign up for our Daring Marathon. Seriously though, if you sign up, and you get a friend to sign up (and they mention your name, of course), there miiiight be a little something extra in it for you. ;)

Date: January 15, 2017. Place: Weber's Inn - Ann Arbor. VERY limited availability, so contact me soon if you are interested! There are already several spots booked.

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