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I just really like birds, okay?

I don't believe much in pretending to be something I'm not. I'd rather tell you about me, the real me - social anxiety, depression, ridiculous bird obsession, dark humor, creativity and all. So here we go - about to word vomit just a little.

I love what I do so much. And not in any kind of cliche way, but in a way that fills my whole body and makes it hard to sleep at night. But I already talked about that here.

A little about me as a person -

I really value being genuine, and so that is what I want to be here. It is important because these are the things that shape my perspective on the world and part of why my photos are the way that they are (raw, real, and full of drama and actual genuine emotion).

I am an artist and have been forever.

I have a long history of depression and anxiety (don't most artists?). I know mental illness well, have felt it, seen it, grew up with it, and now use it to create beauty and things that are worthwhile. I don't believe there is any shame in mental illness and wish more people would speak openly about it!

I struggle to find the balance between being a wife, mom of 3, and a full time business owner.

I laugh at myself a lot.

I hold myself together very well - I mean really. Despite my social anxiety, I have an awesome ability to go into work mode and be the awesome assertive boss girl I need to be. For real though - when I photographed my sister's wedding, my parents stared at me with their mouths open upon seeing Work Kendra come to life.

I often become friends with my clients and have been known to cry with brides on their wedding day.

I am a perfectionist and put my all into everything I do.

I love weddings so much. I love all of the joy and the real emotions that come bursting out because they cannot be held in.

I almost never wear socks, and when I do, they almost never match.

I cannot handle people eating with their mouths open. I will die.

I am a home schooled kid trying to make it in a cool kid world.

I have always been observant and quiet.

I begin every sentence with dude.

I am pretty modest, terrible at receiving compliments and even worse at complimenting myself.

I am also a little bit sarcastic and some kind of weird mix of graceful and elegant while at the same time being extremely clumsy.

I am super chill and the most low-maintenance person in the world and am super down to earth.

My kids are always covered in dirt and earth, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I believe in loving unconditionally and still being friends even if we disagree.

I am the kind of person who believes in hard work and that going through hardships always brings a reward and growth.

I have very little regret because I learn the most when I fall. Each of my experiences has enabled me to help others who are struggling now.

I have a very dark sense of humor and will cry laughing at bad lip readings and fainting goats.

I love a good challenge and truly believe I can do anything.

I was going to be a writer and have written three books, but I hate to read.

I really do love tacos and coffee.

It is with all of that in mind that I operate a camera. Sounds weird, but photography is art, and art is done in a way that incorporates the artist's perspective on life. My best work is created when I am in my element and allowed to just be myself. Un-apologetically. I want to make something beautiful, something that I can be proud of, something that means something. I am not interested in silly photos, or cliches, but something different. Someone told me once that girls like me see the world in a different way. I take pride in that and believe that "different way" is what sets me apart as a photographer.

Things that I love:

-Gardening and watching seeds grow - I am obsessed with David Austin roses (literally, they put tears in my eyes because I am ridiculous). In the spring, you will see me on my hands and knees checking to see what will spring up from the dirt first.

-Birds. I mean really. I have not covered the extend to which I love birds. Nothing makes me smile as much as a bird. I have two birds of my own who are the best. Blue and Gold macaws are my favorite followed closely by Eastern Blue Birds.

-God for all He has done for me despite how I have run from Him.

-Singing, playing guitar, drawing, creating, dreaming, all the things.


-Living out my dreams because nothing is unattainable. Seriously. If you want something bad enough, do it.

-My husband and my kids. Who knew that Christmas could be this much better and make me cry this many actual tears after having kids?

-The earth. I mean really. I love my toes in the grass. I love the outdoors. I love nature and hiking. I love birds. I love my garden.

Things I kinda don't like:

-Dogs. I know right. Don't hate me, but for real.

-Being told I can't do something or am not good enough.

-WINTER. All caps hate.

-Doing things in front of people. I group phone calls in here too because social anxiety.


-Apple products.

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