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10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

It's no secret that, when it comes to your wedding day, photos are a big deal! After all, they are the one thing that you can take with you AND the thing responsible for how you and your family will remember your big day! After photographing weddings for more than 5 years, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite, must-have wedding photos! It was hard to narrow it down, and obviously there are so many other important moments to capture and an endless amount of poses, but these 10 are the bee's knees.

1. An awesome veil photo

If you've followed me for long, you know how much I love my veil shots. Seriously, they are stunning every time and always feel so intimate and magical!

Seriously though. Not joking.

2. Traditional "smile for the camera" shot

Now, if you know me, this one will surprise you! But let's be real - this is the photo that your parents and grandma really want and will be most likely to print and hang in the living room. For this reason, I make it a priority and it is usually the first bride and groom portrait photo that I take.

3. Laying on the ground.

This is one that not every couple is cool with (I mean, you are wearing the most expensive clothes you will wear in your entire life probably, but let's go ahead and sit on the dirt), but just look at these! I love to deliver photos to my clients that have variety in poses, location, and backdrops. Being able to get a different perspective adds the perfect amount of change to make your portraits more exciting!

4. A photo by the window.

There really is nothing better than window light, and this is a photo that is always sure to be gorgeous.

5. A great wide angle photo.

You probably spent a good deal of time selecting the perfect venue with the perfect scenery, so why not show it off with a great wide angle shot? It also is a great way to capture your wedding fully.

6. A good groom portrait.

This one is an obvious one, but sometimes in the rush of the day with so many family members and friends to pose with (not to mention the bride!), the individual groom photos gets forgotten!

7. A good bride portrait.

This is just a duh one. But seriously, get multiple photos of the bride and her dress, flowers, back of the dress, and her beautiful face of course!

8. An intimate embrace photo.

These are seriously my favorites every time. I love that intimate connection and the dramatic emotion in these photos! P.S. This is why a good photographer is a must - these poses look natural, but it takes professional to pose the couple and put them at ease enough to show a little passion.

9. The wedding details!

Don't forget to capture all of your hard planning work, your flowers, dress, design, and venue!

10. That first look.

Whether it is as the bride walks down the aisle or during a private first look, this photo is priceless.

What is on your must-have photo list?

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