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Best Wedding Detail Shots

If I have photographed your wedding, you know how I love my detail shots. For the past year, I have actually started advising brides to have all of their details ready for me when I arrive. What details are we talking about? Could be anything special really, but in general, your details are:

Your dress









Sentimental items

Extra Flowers and/small decor items

Accessories - jewlery or a cape or veil or any other extras

Why do I like these shots? Just look at these shots below, and you will see why. Here are my favorite detail shots of 2018.

Bonus tips:

You can have photos like these too! Have all of your pretty stuff gathered in one place before your photographer arrives! Another great thing to do is ask your florist to include a few loose stems and flower buds/heads that would have otherwise been thrown away! They add a lot to these photos.

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