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Victoria + Adam | Detroit wedding

I absolutely love this couple. They are so kind, and Gabe and I had a great time at their intimate backyard wedding. After a lovely wedding in their backyard, we cruised around favorite Detroit spots for portraits, and that is basically always my favorite.

At the time, I was very emotional - pregnant and very sick, and going through a major business loss due to covid. Really, my heart was breaking, and I thought it would be my last time shooting a wedding in the city that I loved. I even had Gabe (and Victoria) take a photo of me in the Cass Reflector just in case that was it. Now, I had several Detroit weddings in 2021, and my heart is happy, but 2020 sucked so much, fam.

Anyway, this wedding. I loved it. So let's look at the photos. :)

This pigeon photo though - words can't describe my joy over this black and white spotted dude who flew promptly into the golden hour sun. Seriously though, at the time - thinking it might be my last Detroit wedding. I think I almost cried.


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