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What does luxury boudoir mean?

What does luxury boudoir mean?

Glad you asked. (Excuse my dorkiness haha).

It means a good (and high end) experience from start to finish:

1. No awkwardness. Seriously. Our team is there to make you feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. Posing worries? Covered. Wardrobe concerns? We got you. Feeling nervous? Bring a friend and hang out a bit!

2. No surprises. You know what to expect and what your sessions comes with from the beginning. No surprise extra costs. You get your photos. You get your book. Makeup and your wardrobe is always included.

3. Professionalism. Luxury means that you can expect professionalism from first impression until long after your photos are delivered. Absolutely no drama. Absolutely no trash talk. No bashing other women or professionals. No public bashing if you need to reschedule. No emotional outbursts. No hidden costs or agendas. Don't want your photos shared? They won't be. For real. I take this seriously, and you should expect nothing short of professionalism at all times.

4. All inclusive experience, of course. Makeup, hair, cocktails, snacks, wardrobe, photos, gallery, book - you get it all.

5. The best damn photos of yourself that you could possibly get. Obviously.

So bring a friend and treat yourself.

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